Merry Christmas 2011

Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas ahead! thank you all for reading my blog! May God bless you! =)


Post A Week: When I go to a movie theatre

Since GV Katong movie theatre is coming near to my doorstep soon, I will blog about when I go to a movie theatre for postaweek2011.

Of course, I prefer to have a movie theatre half-filled with people than empty theatre or fully-packed theatre. Full-packed looks very crowded. Empty theatre means this movie most probably is not worth watching. Half-filled means this movie is okay to watch and I can enjoy the comfort of watching a movie in a theatre.

Normally, I will prefer to sit near or nearer the stairs at a movie theatre. It is easier to exit & leave the scene after the movie ends. It is easier to go to the washroom. It is much comfortable and spaceous sitting near the stairs.

How about you?

Anyway I am so excited and looking forward for the opening of the Golden Village Katong at 112 Katong on 22 Dec 2011.

Post A Week 2011: 11.11.11, 1111H

This week’s post is slightly different as it is not a topic from post a day 2011.

11-11-11 at 11.11am or 11.11pm is a special moment for people. Special day to remember with so many 1s. A special once-a-century repunit palindrome day.

Some people chose this day to get married. Some chose to celebrate. Some of them just happened to born on this 11 nov regardless of any year (So envy of them).

11:11:11 on 11 November 2011 – What were you doing then?

There’s also a movie called 11-11-11 too but it is a horror movie.

I just wanted to leave a post on this post to mark this day at 11-11-11 at 1111H.

Post A week 2011: Do you think Shakespeare existed?

I think Shakespeare existed since he wrote so many playwrights such as Romeo & Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer night’s dream, 12th night, Julius Caesar, Anthony & Cleopatra, The Hamlet and many more.

I did studied some of his play such as The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar and A midsummer night’s dream for English Literature 8-11 years ago and the use of the language is consistent. Thou Art…

So I still have the thoughts that Shakespeare really existed.

Post A week 2011: Do I like Suprises?

Well, I do like suprises to a certain extent, depending on the occasion as well as the purpose of the suprises. Not all the occasion will be suitable for suprises at all.

If for happy occasion, it is all right to give people suprises and of course, a good suprise will make me happy. If it is a bad suprise, I think I myself as well as other people will not like that. Don’t you think so?

Do you like suprises too?