– Visume Wars – What is your favourite visume?

Hi readers, Visume Wars is still going on!

So what is your favorite visume on Wow, There are so many visumes up on and many choices to choose from. Feel free to blog about the visume that you like the most on your own blog!

So do visit this site @ to view those visumes now and vote for your favourite visume! Or you can always choose to submit your own visume and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!


My favourite Visume on

Have you visited or watch any of the visumes on Quite a number of people posted their resumes on

After viewing some of the visumes posted on , one of my favourite visumes is posted by Mr Cliff Neo.

He gives people the looks that he is confident from the way he dressed and speaks in his visumes. He can speak quite well and do put his name in the beginning of the video to intro himself and tell the viewers about himself and his strength.

Plain background is okay as it is not that distracting the viewer’s attention and give people the focus of looking at the person in the video, not at the background.

So are you interested to post your own visume on Read my previous posts on to find out more!

1. Important Information About

2. – Tips for Visumes (Video Resume)

3.Visume Wars by

Visume Wars by

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Visumé Wars Have Begun! has declared an official Visumé War in Singapore. We call upon everyone from the age of 18-35* to step into the professional battle field, in a quest to differentiate yourselves – it’s talent vs talent, Visumé vs Visumé!

Unlike any other video showdown, this war appeals to every jobseeker’s most basic struggles. That is, to stand out from the sea of jobseekers with similar talents and credentials and, to prevent themselves from being lost under a stack of paper resumes.

Entry is simple and the prizes, amazing. Whether you are looking to get your hands on a beautiful iPad2 or a job position [or both!] with our participating partners, this is competition for you.

The power to conquer is in your hands!

 All you need to do is put together a Visume – what we at Prevview call Video Resumes – that will show and tell us why you would make a great employee. You can sing, dance, rap, produce a movie or even sell a brick. Be it creative or professional, do it your way and boldly express your best self.

50 prizes to be won!**

43 participants from Category A and Category B who have received the highest People’s Choice scores will receive $10,000 worth of attractive prizes. Seven out of all the participants the Special Category will be placed in amazing job positions at the participating company of their choice [Winners are subjected to the discretion of our participating partner]. More information on Category A & B, please look below for details or visit for more details.

Visumé War Colonels

I want a Job and nifty Gadgets too!

In this special category, the war zone is split into 2 parts for judging.

Part 1: People’s Choice – This is based on the combined score which is calculated by the sum of “Votes” and “Views”.

Part 2: Employer’s Choice – Job winners are handpicked by our discerning participating partners only. There are 5 different industries and 7 different job positions to be won!

Regular Visumé War Soldiers

(For those who opted out of winning a job)

Give me a Gadget!* (no job but only prizes)

* Category A and B are comprised of shared prizes. i.e. There is only one each of the Top 3 prizes + 20 dining vouchers, and 1 pair each of GV Movie tickets for 20 to be won . Note that if the Employer’s choice concurs with the People’s choice, the winner is then entitled to 2 prizes.

Prizes such as iPad2 (64GB, Wifi & 3G), Samsung Tab (Wifi & 3G), Canon Digital IXUS 220 HS (12.1MP), Dining Vouchers Worth $20 and Golden Village Movie Vouchers are up for grabs!

So, answer the declaration for war now – Prevview is providing you the weapon and you just have to bring it!

Visit my precious posts for more information on and related contents:

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2. – Tips for Visumes (Video Resume)

PS: *The competition is open to anyone in any country. However, collection of prizes will be done in the Singapore Prevview office. – Tips for Visumes (Video Resume)

Points that can be covered in a Visume on

1)      Your Name

2)      Occupation/Industry that one is keen to join

3)      Why you would be a great employee to that companies in that industry

– Plus points (Character/Attitude)

– Course of studies  (relevance to the industry or not)

– Experiences (CCA, previous jobs, portfolio)

–  Skills (Adobe Photoshop? Excel? MS office)

4)      Highlight experiences/ show samples of works that can showcase your skills/abilities that will be useful in the job you want to apply for.

That said, if you can do something that is out of the box, it would be the best. All that matters is that the video must iterate the message – why you would be a great employee! To find out more about, please visit my previous post @Important Information About or visit for more details!


1. Dress appropriately (as you would go for an interview – you need not be formal but don’t be sloppy)

2. Prepare the points/ script in advance and rehearse it before video

3. Speak confidently

There are some samples video resumes. Click them to watch  to get some inspirations.

1st example

2nd example

3rd example

4th example

5th example

Do not:-

1)      DO NOT Mention your expected pay

2)      DO NOT Use obscenity

3)      DO NOT say anything that you wouldn’t say at an interview

To make your video more interesting, you can :-

1)      Add suitable sound effects / Music

Unsuitable music may worsen the video. Of course make sure that your voice is audible and louder than the music.

2)      Add subtitles (your script to tell your prospective employers))

3)      Add suitable video clips/ pictures

4)      Use props (suitable ones)

5)      Showcase portfolio

6)      Be witty in your script

7)      Showcase your talent – singing/ dancing or other talents/hobbies

So are you inspired to create your own Visume? Let the Visume Wars begin by submiting your own Visume on NOW and stand a chance to win prizes!

Important Information About

1) Dedicated Profile Page – Just like Facebook and it’s Free!

Imagine having a jobseeker profile where you can express your true self professionally and effectively. Your outstanding soft skills and vibrant personalities will no longer have to be dormant within a piece of paper. Prevview enables you to give a voice and personality to your paper resumes, through cutting edge video streaming technology.

You no longer need to attach various documents to your potential employer. Speak to them directly through your visumés and let them know why you should be hired. Back your visumés up with downloadable important and relevant documents such as cover letter, resume, portfolio, and reference letters .

2) Two-Pronged Approach To Job Search

A) Search for Jobs with our comprehensive search function and apply immediately. Because our Employers are provided with unlimited job postings, jobseekers can rest assure that they will get the most updated job vacancies in town.

B) Be headhunted by registered Employers – All employers are provided with the Search capability where they can search for and request to interview candidates.

3)  In-Depth Information about Employers

We all know the importance of research before going for an interview. We also know how important it is to understand a job scope before applying for a job – no one wants to come off as unsure or be taken by surprise during an interview.

To enable jobseekers to be as well prepared as possible, Prevview has created dedicated profile pages for employers as well! Everything you need from the HR Video, to Written Profiles and comprehensively described Job Postings to Getting Hired Tips and Q&A can be found under one roof, the Employer Profile Page.

4) Visumé Guide

With our tech world ablaze with fancy gadgets, Prevview assures all jobseekers that making a visumé takes only 5 simple steps. is well furbished with a comprehensive video guide as well as Visumé tips and articles to help you along the way.

You can visit for some examples.

5) Privacy Settings

A) All profiles are viewable only by registered Employers. What’s more, our technology ensures that Employers will not be able to save your video on their computers.

B) You have the option of keeping your profile entirely private [employers cannot search for you, but you can browse through employer profiles and still apply for jobs!].

C) The “Block” feature lets you insert keywords that will block views from everyone associated with them. For e.g. Prevview is your employer and you do not wish for them to see that you have a profile on the portal. Simply enter Prevview as a keyword and any Employer associated with Prevview will not be able to view your profile!


Visit & upload your visumes if you are interested!