Shine Festival 2015 Singapore

at Orchard Area from 10 to 12 July 2015

#Buildyourworld at Shine Festival 2015. It is a big event organised by the youths and National Youth Council for the youths.

Typical Housing – Artwork showcase

Are you going to be the next DJ star together with 987FM?

More exciting artworks:

Do wear a pair of special glasses if you want to view the special effects of this exhibits!

Visit for exciting updates on the concert – Ryan Higa, Arden Cho, David Choi and many others!

If you have the passion, you can #Buildyourworld and be yourself in a special way with your talents!


Shine Festival 2015 at Orchard Road from 10 to 12 July 2015

Shine Festival will be back this year from 10, 11 and 12 July 2015 this year at Orchard Road with a brand new name! It was known as Shine Youth Festival previously. This recharged three-day Festival Weekend along the stretch of ION Orchard to Ngee Ann City from 10 – 12 July in celebration of its 10th edition

A number of youtubers – David Cho, Arden Cho, Ryan Higa, many more and local singer – Shigga Shay, and dancers will gather at Orchard Road for this event organised by the youths for the youth.

Come down and #Buildyourworld with SHINE Festival! Visit for details and updates on the festival!


See you all then! Enjoy the party at ION Orchard area from 10 to 12 July 2015!

Shine Youth Festival 2013 Opening ceremony on 29 June 2013


The yearly Shine Youth Festival is back again from 29 June to 28 July 2013! This year theme is #Freeyouryou and it’s filled up with events organize by the youths for the youths.

So What is #freeyouryou? Dream. Voice. Act. Yes, all youths have their dreams and hope that they can voice out their aspirations and act it out. We have different dreams and different talents and we need not need to be afraid that we cannot achieve it, so that we can turn the negativity into positivity thoughts. Life should be filled up with hope. So that we can make the world a better place. Don’t you think so?

Well despite of the slight haze condition (it was worse during 17 to 22 June 2013) and some of the outdoor activities had been cancelled (eg SHINE in 60 seconds). Thus, most of the activities were held indoors except the most exciting cosmo parade from Scape to 313 Somerset and then back to Scape. I was relieved that I didn’t have to wear a N95 mask or surgery mask out unlike the week before.

At least there’s still energy from the cosmo paraders! #freeyouryou  – haze didn’t dampen their spirits despite the event was smaller scale compared to last year! The participants (cosmo parade) were so excited to wear those cute costumes and march around Orchard Road area. Bravo!

Here’s the programme for the opening festival at Scape.

Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, was the Guest of Honour for this opening event.

Some glimpses of participants’ costumes during Shine Youth Festival 2013:

The Army Guards…..

Monster during medieval time?

Blue Dragon

Beautiful Cleopatra

Mister Potato!

Does he look familiar on the cans of potato chips found in supermarkets? Mister Potato.

There were other activities around the Scape area too.

Vanguard Card Competition

Japanese Anime Drawing

I don’t think I can draw up to this standard. However, I can sense the artist put in a lot of effort to draw this.

Pika Pika Cafe

Stall selling cosmo parade collectibles


I hope I can learn how to play Cajon. I played percussion drums. Looks fun to me.

Now it’s time for Music for a Cause with 3 local acts.

Host for Music for a Cause 2013

1st Music performance from The Huckleberry Friends

The Huckleberry Friends – Xue Yi and Marcus (Jon was absent as he wasn’t feeling well)

Xue Yi and Marcus from the Huckleberry friends were full of energy to perform despite their groupmate, Jon wasn’t able to come to perform as a trio.

For more info on the Huckleberry friends, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

My Space page‎‎

2nd music performance – Clarence Liew

He wasn’t new to Shine Youth Festival as he performed during last year’s Shine Youth Festival Concert (picture shown below). This year he brought his friend, Benjamin,  to perform along with him, on keyboard.

He sung Maroon 5’s payphone and Sunday Morning, a Malay song called Terima Kasih and some other songs.

For more information about Clarence Liew, please visit:

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter page –

The last music performance – The Sam Willows

This is my 1st time watching them performing live. The Sam Willows are made up of 4 members, 2 siblings – Narelle and Benjamin Kheng, and 2 friends, Jon Chua and Sandra Tang. Their songs are great. I love the last song that they performed. It’s called Glasshouse.

For more information about The Sam Willows, please visit:

Official Website –

Facebook page –

Youtube videos –

Twitter –

There will be more exciting activities coming up! Such as Singapore Street Festival, Jump Asia, Clans Youth Got Talent, Project Dreamchasers, MP3 Experiment Singapore and many more. Do find some time to take part in some of the events if you are free.

For more information of the events, please visit

Cannot wait to attend some of the Shine Youth Festival Events in the month of July!


There’s also some online activities on Shine Youth Festival facebook page for us to join/vote.

1. Pledge to Shine

Have you pledge to shine yet? Visit By pledging, it is a good action plan for you to work on towards a positive goal =)! You can post pictures/write your resolutions.

2. Stars of Shine 2013 Voting

There is 18 Nominees for Stars of Shine and I have voted for 1 of the nominees via fb app. Do visit to vote for the nominees you think they deserve to win. They have contribute to the community in a special way despite of the hardships they experienced. Results will be out before the end of Shine Youth Festival 2013. Whether they win the award or not, they are still winners in our heart and continue to contribute to the community.

Let’s #Freeyouryou & give back to  the community not just during Shine Youth Festival, however, should be on daily basis.

Shine Youth Festival 2012: Closing Ceremony

Thank you Joshua for the wonderful invite to Shine Youth Festival 2012 – Closing Ceremony at *Scape Warehouse on 26 July 2012. Shine Youth Festival is organised by National Youth Council and youths planning events for the youths.

This event also had an official launch of the new National Youth Council logo and their new tagline: We Hear Youth, Here for Youth.

They also gave out some awards to 3 Stars of Shine 2012 winners and the most popular Stars of Shine 2012 nominee as well as appreciations to their partners such as and sponsors.

SHINE Youth Festival 2012 celebrates the theme of ‘Aspirations’; inspiring youths to dream big and take risks while retaining their own unique attitudes, values and beliefs and translating all these into actions and contributions. I voted of 1 of the winners after reading the stories of the nominees.

1 of the last year’s Star of Shine 2011 winner – Mr Justine Lee De Fu gave out the most popular Stars of Shine 2012 nominee. Mr Justine Lee is currently serving National Service.

I remembered he did appeared on Tuesday report show regarding his special flip flop business – which is buy 1 pair of flip flop and his company – Soule Apparels will donate 1 pair of shoes to the needy children in China.

Ms Choo Pei Ling has won the most popular Stars of Shine 2012 nominee award. She is a physiotherapist, an active environmentalist, a National Youth Achievement Award – Gold Award Holder member, and actively involved in community work. For more information about her, please visit

The 3 winners of Stars of Shine 2012 awardees are:

1. Mr Colin Wan Wei Hong, 32 years old

2. Mr Jonathan Ng Jun Hui, 20 years old



Colin Wan is a yo-yo business owner & owns a yo yo shop called spinworkz. He is also a World yo-yo champion. People always thought that yo yo is just a simple yo yo but Colin has showed the audience different yo yo moves as there can be many variations & moves made by a simple yo yo.

Colin and his team believe that spinning promotes healthy social exchanges that build self-esteem and confidence through performance and competition. Picking up spinning skills and tricks have helped many youths foster healthy relationships as they exchange tips with their peers and help mentor and encourage others.

For more information about Colin Wan, please visit


I have seen Jonathan Ng performing his magic tricks and his smile and confidence had somehow helped him to be an even more confident person in life while doing community work. He lost his mother at a young age and life was not easy for him when his friend committed suicide, his mother’s death and quitting smoking. It takes quite a lot of courage for people to move on and bounce back stronger and he’s 1 of them.

For more information on Jonathan, please visit


SARETHKUMAR S/O KUNASILAN is a volunteer in SINDA. He shared with people about his story that he lost his father at the young age of 15 years old but instead of wallowing in self-pity, he pressed on and excelled in his studies. The strong-willed boy showed resilience again when he made several attempts and finally got a place in his desired course in polytechnic.

He decided to contribute back by volunteering in 1 of the organisations which accepted him – SINDA & mentor the students.


They received their awards from the person who nominated them respectively.

I guess regardless of how old we are, we, as youths, should spread more time to do volunteer work & contribute to the society in any way that we can. I did volunteer work and I hope I can do even more to contribute to the society as much as I can.

To me, I learnt many things while doing volunteer work in some organisations. Working with people from different age groups with similar interests and get to know more people as well as building character and managing people and time.

I wanted to contribute, however, due to my busy time schedule with my work and studies and other commitments, it’s different to volunteer on regular basis. I also had my ups and downs too and lost my father this year while coping with my final year project for my studies and my mother does not support me in my decisions made in my life. It was not easy to overcome so many things on my own too. I am glad that I am still alive.

Even Theresa Goh, Yip Pin Siu and Jovin (a few of the Singapore para olympians) had won Stars of Shine awards before. Do not give up even if they have certain disabilities. The para olympians will be taking part in Para Olympics soon. Even Oscar Pistorius (the runner with 2 lower limb prostheses) can even take part in Olympics while running with people who are have feet and it is more difficult to run well with those prostheses.

I guess if people can find ways to help to make a society a better place and motivate people, they can be Stars of Shine too.

Shine Youth Festival: Dell-Intel Concert behind the scenes with Jack & Rai and Clarence Liew

This year Shine Youth Festival – Dell Intel Shine Youth Concert has 2 behind the scene videos (produced by Dell) featuring famous duo Jack & Rai and Singapore Youtube singer Clarence Liew.

Behind the scene with Jack & Rai

They have been together in the music scene for 10 years and sang some songs such as the Falala song for the official speak English movement.

Exclusive video of Jack & Rai

The Fa la la Song by Jack & Rai

Jack & Rai Official Website Link:

Jack & Rai Facebook link:

Jack and Rai | Facebook (

Jack & Rai Twitter Link (click the link below):

Jack and Rai (jackandrai) on Twitter (

Jack & Rai My Space (for listening to their music):

Behind the scene with Clarence Liew (or known as CLo)

Exclusive video of Clarence Liew

For his Youtube channel link:

His Facebook page link:

Clarence Liew | Facebook

His Twitter Updates:

Hope everyone will enjoy their music!

Shine Youth Festival 2012: Opening Ceremony at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza

Shine Youth Festival

This is my 5th time attending Shine Youth Festival event. This year theme is slightly different from the previous 2 years and that is “Fire up your passion“. So what is your passion? My passion is contribute to the society.  I did donate my blood to save a few lives. I helped out as a volunteer for some events too.

So have you pledge online? I have pledged. “Whether it takes, I will….”

Even Jayesslee, Mr Chan Chun Sing and a number of people have pledged as well.

“Whatever it takes, I will keep sharing my story and songs.”

Mr Chan’s writing on the board. “Whatever it takes, I will develop a generation of inspired and committed youth.”

Mr Chan’s holding the board with his written message

Pledging can be quite simple. Go to to submit your pledge!

Besides pledging, there were quite a lot of interesting activities at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza on 30 June as well. Such as Cosmo Youth Parade (4th year) whereby people wear costumes & parade from Ngee Ann Civic plaza to 313 Somerset and back again at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza.

Some in animal costumes…

Even spiderman’s here. Have you watch the amazing spiderman?


Death note as well…

Death note & other anime characters

Some of them do not wear costumes, however, they are helpers to hold the dragons for the cosmo parade.

Green Dragon

There’s even dragon made up of cans…

Dragon made up of cans

Colour dragon

And the longest dragon amongst all the dragon – the blue dragon

Blue Dragon with red scales – The shot was not good then

The dragon with the red scales was the longest amongst all. About 300metres long.

Shine Youth Festival 2012 has quite a lot of activities from 30 June 2012 to 29 July 2012. A month long event organised by the youths for the youths. They also Singapore Street Festival, BB cares and many more about activities. Visit for more upcoming events.

There’s a board for people to write down what they aspired when they were young and what they aspire to be now. So what do you aspire to do?

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew was part of the sponsors which sponsored mountain dew for people to quench their thirst under the hot sun.


Do you want to play stacko? Careful if the stacks fall …

Nescafe booth

There’s also Nescafe booth for people to enjoy coffee drinks too.

There’s some voluntary organisations too. 1 of them is Community Social Movement under the wing of National Youth Council.

The other is NUS community service club group.

There’s also Team Singapore Booth too.

This is because London 2012 Olympics is coming real soon on 27 July 2012. Do catch our Singapore athletes competing in Olympics 2012 at London from 27 July 2012 to 12 August 2012.

Team Singapore athletes with Mr Chan Chun Seng, Mr Nabil, Mr Martin Tan

Theresa Goh (swimmer), Jovin Seah (sailor) were there at the Team Singapore Booth that day.

Wanna play with table tennis?

There’s also urban sport challenge whereby participants can take part & have fun. Here’s some of the challenges.

Gladiator Jousting


Tennis accuracy

Hockey Manoeuvre

Vortex Smoke Gun – I did not manage to take the picture of their gun.

There are also some performances from Toh Yi Fan (Singapore’s top rapper cum NEA Eco Music Challenge 2 Young Musician winner), Charles Stitch Wong (Beatboxer, Singapore Idol 3), Ridwan Azman (Campus Superstar 3) and Joel Tan from Gentle Bones.

They did 3 songs – Price Tag (Jessie J), Baby (Justin Bieber) and Pieces (Tzire – Toh Yi Fan feat Joel Tan). Their song pieces sounded great.

Here’s the song Pieces.

Opening ceremony of Shine Youth Festival 2012 – Graced by Mr Chan Chun Seng

There’s also Dell-Intel Concert featuring Clarence Liew, 20 year old youtube singer, Jack & Rai and: Jayesslee… I will continue on my next blog post. Stay tune.

Dell-intel concert

For more updates and information on Shine Youth Festival, please visit!