A Visit to Eurasian Community House on 20 July 2013

Singapore Heritage Festival 2013 was held from 19 July to 28 July 2013, all over Singapore. I was delighted that there was an opportunity for me to attend some of the guided trails in Singapore during this period.

I took part in The Eurasian Experience Open House & Tour at the Eurasian Community House at 139 Ceylon Road (near Dunman Road and Tanjong Katong Sec School area)

Beautiful ceramic painting of Portugal port near the entrance of Eurasian Community House…

Eurasion Heritage Centre is located inside the Eurasian Community House.

Eurasian Heritage centre is open from Tuesday to Sundays from 10am to 6pm, Closed on Monday.

The volunteer guide for Eurasian Heritage experience – Ms Michelle Tessensohn

Ms Michelle Tessensohn did a very good introduction to the Eurasian Heritage Centre and shared quite a lot of interesting Eurasian culture with the visitors. I didn’t know that she’s the great granddaughter of Mr Edward Tessensohn. Tessersohn is a German surname as I know sohn means son in German (eg Mendelsohn = Mendel’s son)

By the way, Tessensohn sounds familiar right? Hmm….

Yes, it’s One of the Singapore road near Balestier Road and Race Course Road area. The road was named after Mr Edward Tessensohn, a Eurasian who came from Malacca.

Do visit their showcase at Level 1 The Eurasian Experience and Level 4 The World War II – The Eurasian Story and Level 4 Roots of Our Community to find out more about the interesting culture. Europeans settled in Asia and married local Asians and their descendants are known as Eurasians. Heard that a lot of Eurasians are active in media industry such as Cheryl Fox (Channel News Asia), Class 95 DJ Jean Danker and DJ Vernatta Lopez.

In Singapore, there are also quite a number of roads that are named after Eurasians at around Kovan Road/Upper Serangoon area (Simon Road, Aroozoo Avenue), Little India Area (Desker Road).

I managed to see some beautiful Eurasian teenagers performing Eurasian dance such as Jinkli Nona. The portuguese folk music sounds very joyful and lively and makes people want to dance along with the music.

Here’s the music with the dance (in 1 of the youtube videos):

Picture of the beautiful dancers:

Tasted the traditional Eurasian sugee cake (heard it’s quite difficult to bake this type of cake) with the wonderful almond smell… freshly baked from Quentin Restaurant at Eurasian Community House. Yummy.

It’s good to try some Eurasian food to understand more about the unique Eurasian culture with the fusion of European and Asian taste.

Perhaps you can come to Quentin Restaurant to try out some Eurasian dishes such as Curry Debal (Devil’s Curry) and other delicious Eurasian dishes. Quentin Restaurant is located at Eurasian Community House, 139 Ceylon Road. You can visit www.quentins.com.sg to find out more about their menu, and promotions.

Quentin’s Restaurant – OPENING HOURS​: Tuesday to Sunday, CLOSED ON MONDAYS

Lunch starts at 11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner 6:30pm-10:30pm and they do open till 12midnight During Fridays!

For more information about Eurasian Community House and Eurasian association, please visit http://www.eurasians.org.sg/


Singapore Heritage Festival 2012 – A celebration of our peranakan heritage

Katong – A place filled with rich peranakan heritage, a place where I lived near by since the day I was born and a place that is rich in history.

This is the 1st time that Singapore Heritage Festival was held at 112 Katong. Recollect, Reflect and Reconnect was the theme of 2012 Singapore Heritage Festival.

Of course, although I am not a Peranakan, however, I wanted to know more about my neighbourhood’s history and culture better to understand more about Katong and Joo Chiat.

I guess the Peranakan’s craze is still on even since Little Nyonya was shown in 2008 with more people knowing more about Peranakan culture then. With Peranakan Museum, people can know more about the rich peranakan culture in Singapore. With color batiks and kasut manek, accessories and food, what do you think about the peranakan culture?


Peranakan Kebaya.
Of course, I tried out how to sew beads for kasut manek.

Too bad I didnt have a picture of me attempting beading for kasut manek. It was very difficult as the holes were very small & minute. Very difficult to see the holes and put the needle at the right hole to achieve the right effect for the shoe design and pattern.

Besides that, Peranakan cooking is one of the most difficult. Although I never try how to prepare that, the preparation process was quite tedious as time is needed to bound the balachan, coloring & many more. I love their chendol, their kueh. Haha.

I hope to preserve this special type of peranakan heritage at my neighbourhood forever.

Singapore Heritage Festival 2012 Opening at Novena Velocity

This is the 2nd time Singapore Heritage Festival held at Novena Velocity. This time round – Opening ceremony for Singapore Heritage Festival 2012 – Singapore Sporting Spirit.

Last year this was the venue for the closing ceremony -Read my previous post for  Singapore Heritage Festival 2011 Finale @ Novena Square & Velocity @ Novena

Let’s listen to the song – Reach by Gloria Estefan

Sounds familiar to you right? Yes, it was the theme song for 1996 Altanta Olympics in USA.

How about this song – Everyone? This song was written in 2010 especially for inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore as Singapore was the 1st to host Youth Olympics and I felt proud of it.

I even had my 2 adorable buddies from Singapore Youth Olympics Games  – Lyo and Merly too. Aren’t they cute?

lyo and merly

Lyo and Merly

Yes, London Olympics is now on from 27 July to 12 Aug 2012. With the ‘British invasion’ coming onto Television screens with 26 sporting events, don’t you feel excited with a lot of sporting actions for Singapore as well as around the world.

Yes, I wrote down something for Team Singapore. Can you spot my note on the board? Not that nicely written for Go Team Singapore @ London.

What are the interesting facts about Olympics games?

Of course there’s a number of Singapore athletes taking part in this 30th Olympics in London. They are the Singapore paddlers – Feng Tian Wei, Wang Yue Gu and Li Jiawei, Yang Zi, Gao Ning and Zhan Jian, Gary Yeo, Dipna Lim Prasad, gymnast Lim Heem Wei, female weightlifter Helena Wong, swimmers – Tao Li, Joseph Schooling, Quah Zhengwen (Quah Tingwen’s brother), Lynette Lim and Myelene Ong, shooter – Jasmine Ser, sailors – Elizabeth Yin and Colin Cheng, shuttlers – Derek Wong, Gu Juan, Yao Lei and Shinta Mulia and canoeist Geraldine Lee.

Of course, it’s Singapore’s Dream to win at least a medal from Olympics games. Singapore has won a silver medal in 1960 Rome Olympics games by our weightlifter – Mr Tan Howe Liang.

It was not easy as he had to fork out his money to represent Singapore to take part in this event for Weightlifting.

For the last 2008 Olympics in Beijing, our 3 Singapore Paddlers – Li Jiawei, Feng Tian Wei and Wang Yue Gu had won a silver medal for Table Tennis Women’s team event.

However, Singapore was almost close to getting a bronze medal from the previous 2 Olympics games in Greece and Beijing for Jing Junhong and Li Jiawei then.

Of course, it is interesting to find out that Table Tennis was known as Wiff Waff and it’s a game that is originated from England! Shocking isn’t it? As the Chinese has somehow dominated in Table Tennis game.

Well people could try out table tennis during Singapore Heritage Festival 2012 at Novena Velocity.

Of course the table tennis paddlers did not disappoint Singapore in getting Olympic medals. In fact, they won 2 bronze medals from the Women’s team event as well as individual event by our rising table tennis star – Feng Tian Wei.

Feng Tian Wei, Wang Yue Gu and Li Jiawei all had did Singapore proud. Good job and continue the good work that you all have put in to get an Olympic medal/(s). It was a tough fight for all 3 of you then.

Of course, not just focus on the table tennis stars. This heritage festival also showcased our past athletes, besides the rising stars in the sporting scene.

Athletics – C. Kunalan

C Kunalan

He was 1 of the sprinters in Singapore. I saw him at my school 5 years ago during a sports symposium event.

Sailing – Dr Benedict Tan, who is currently a sports medicine doctor working in Changi General Hospital

Badminton – Wong Peng Soon

Bowling – Adelene Wee

Shooting – Fred de Souza

He’s a lawyer by profession. It was not easily to cope with our busy careers while pursuing sports at a professional level to win medals for the nation.

Soccer – Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad’s 1 of the Singapore best soccer players and he helped Singapore to win Malaysian cup.

Swimming – Patricia Chan

She used to hold the record of winning the most number of gold medals won during SEA games till Joscelyn Yeo had taken over her record. I also did not know that she even took part in talent time too.

Swimming – Neo Chwee Kok

Swimming – Ang Peng Siang

He’s Singapore’s fastest swimmer and I know he teaches at his own swimming school located opposite Kandang Kerbau Women’s and Children Hospital (KKWCH or KKH) which is a few bus stop distance away from Novena MRT station.

Table Tennis – Jing Jun Hong

She’s an assistant coach for Team Singapore Table Tennis team.

Water Polo Boys

Water polo – Singapore has a winning streak for Gold medals for water polo in SEA games. I heard there’s a very interesting story related to the formation of Water Polo team in Singapore. Stay tune to my blogpost related to Water Polo – Coming soon!

People also can play sports games during Singapore Heritage Festival at Novena Velocity. Isn’t it cool? Haha.

While London Olympics is coming to an end, we still can support our para-olympians for the upcoming Para-Olympics!

Please support them for the upcoming Para-Olympics games. Yip Pin Xiu had did well for the last Para-Olympics games in Beijing by winning a gold medal.

They are doing the best for their sporting spirit. To me, every participant in Olympics and Para-Olympics are indeed winners despite of whether they win any medals. It is a very good experience.

Lim Chong Wei (image from Wikipedia)

Lim Chong Wei, a Malaysian shuttler, did his very best for badminton matches to win a medal (silver) despite of his injuries.

How about this special guy – Oscar Pistorius?

Oscar Pistorius (picture from Wikipedia)

He has no feet to run, however, he has to use more energy to run with his lower limb prostheses. He took part in Para-Olympics games in 2008 and now he’s a participant in 2012 London Olympics games representing South Africa and it’s indeed a dream that came true for him to take part in Olympics Games in 2012.

I know about him while I was studying prosthetics and it was quite interested to know that wearing prostheses can be very hot and uses more energy to do the usual walking and running activities compared to normal able bodies.

I think with his determination, he will be able to inspire more people as well as not to give up despite of winning or losing. Just to their personal best & do the nation proud. Well done to all the Olympians!

I think as a Singaporean, we should be proud of Singapore Sporting Heritage as well as other Singaporeans who are helping to create a new part of Singapore Sporting History for everyone to remember. Good job, guys!


For more information about Singapore Heritage Festival, please visit http://heritagefest.sg

For more information about Singapore Sporting Scene, you can visit the Singapore Sports Museum located at  the JWSRC at 20 Jurong West St 93 and the Sengkang SRC at 57 Anchorvale Road (544964) to view our satellite museums or visit http://www.sportsmuseum.com.sg/index.html for more information.

Singapore Heritage Festival: Hilly Happenings @ Fort Canning (23 July 2011)

Singapore Heritage Festival

Singapore Heritage Festival

Hi Readers, I went to Singapore Heritage Festival: Hilly Happenings at Fort Canning on 23 July 2011 – Home Brewed! part II concert. This event was held in conjunction with Onepeople.sg, Central Singapore and Singapore’s National Heritage Board as part of the Orange Ribbon celebrations & Singapore Heritage Festival 2011.

Orange Ribbon is to celebrate Racial Harmony in Singapore. Racial Harmony day is on 21 July every year as it was to commemorate 1964 racial riot on 21 July. Thus, 23 July 2011 concert was more on different cultures, generations (younger and older generations) & songs of 4 different languages (English, Malay, Chinese & Tamil) were sung during the concert.

I did not wear much orange stuff along except my orange watch.

My orange watch

Hello, Walter! Good to see you here at Fort Canning Park.

The concert was hosted by Nicholas Ng and Soo Wei. Singers such as Sylvia Ratonel, Nathan Hartono, Cheryl Wee (the daughter of Jean Yip), Sleeq, Maggie Teng (邓妙华), Matilda da Silva, Raffee and the Vasantham Boys, Inch Chua, Ling Kai, Thambi K Seaow and end off with Tania, one of the most respected pub bands in Singapore with special guests such as John Molina, Jatt Ali and Jeff Catz.

This was the place where most of us were sitting while watching the live concert.

I also had an exclusive photo shoot with one of the Singaporean singer – Inch Chua as I won an invite from Singapore Heritage Fest – Meet the stars contest. I love her songs & her voice after I heard her singing during NEA event at Timbre in June 2011.

This concert event was graced by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister of MCYS.

I also had an opportunity to make a simple patch work for the Quilt for this event. So I went & make 1.

Can you guess which is the one that I had created? (hint: the shape are the same for my design)

1st up: Sylvia Ratonel & Nathan Hartono singing a duet. Heard both of them are involved in NDP. See how good their coordination in the way they dressed. Nathan is serving NS in Singapore now and had performed in previous years NDP events. Sylvia will be singing NDP theme song 2011 – In a heartbeat for this year’s National Day Parade. Both are born & grown up in Singapore.

After that, Sylvia sang “Mercy”. I remembered she did sang that song during Singapore Idol.

Next up, it was Sleeq singing 1 of the song from Nasial. ANd then Cheryl Wee (the daughter of Jean Yip and niece of Ye Pei Fen 叶佩芬/Dawn Yip) singing Dick Lee’s “Life story” song. And then both Sleeq & Cheryl singing Rasa Sayang. Rasa Sayang is one of my favourite Malay song with a cheerful tone.

Still remember this lady? She’s none other than Matilda da Silva from Singapore Idol 2. She was singing a Kollywood song. I did not expect her to perform for this event but it was quite interesting to listen to her Kollywood song as I never hear a Kollywood song before.

Still remember this favorite singer from Singapore? She was quite popular in Taiwan and not many singers from Singapore in the 1980s could get famous in Taiwan. She used to sing quite a number of the theme songs for a few dramas. Such as Holland V(with her 2 other sisters), Bukit Ho Swee, The flying fish). If you guess it correctly, she is none other than Maggie Teng, 邓妙华.

Of course, she came all the way from Malaysia, just to perform 3 numbers (one of the song is 牵引 Qian Yin) for this event. It was very tiring to travel far especially when she was busy filming her drama in Malaysia She could speak english quite well.

Next up, it was Raffee & the Vasantham boys. Raffee sang the songs in Tamil. But the music instruments used for playing the songs were slightly different. Beside electric guitar and drums, there was chinese er hu used. Er Hu is normally used for playing chinese tunes and I was quite surprised that Er Hu can be used for playing Tamil songs in this case. The tune sounded great, blended beautifully & unique & I liked it very much.

Next up, the famous Youtube singers…

Yes, they are Inch Chua & Ling Kai. Both Inch Chua and Ling Kai sang 2 numbers each. Inch Chua sang 2 of her original numbers. I know Inch will upload her songs that she sings on Youtube and shares with everybody.

Ling Kai sang 1 acoustic cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and her own song called Growing old. Ling Kai got famous after her accident as she posted her videos on Youtube while recovering from her injury.

So do visit their youtube page for more updates of their songs. You can visit http://inchchua.tumblr.com for Inch Chua’s updates.

Next up, it was Thambi K Seaow. I know Thambi is a Tamil word for Younger brother as my mum had told me about while she was watching Commonwealth Games 2010. K Seaow is a hokkien word for Crazy. They performed 2 of their songs which one of them was edited version of Mas Selamat & an english-tamil song.

Next was performances by Tania – One of the most respected pub bands. They sang a few numbers.

John Molina singing Shadow of the Day. There was some technical glitch during his performance but with his professionalism, he still continue performing for all of us while people were fixing with the technical glitch.

Jatt Ali

Jeff Catz

And finale performance by most of the singers who performed in the concert.

Do support our local singers, k? Don’t you think they put up a great performance on 23 July 2011? They do sing well.

I love fireworks. So surprised to have fireworks at the end of the concert. haha.

For more information on Singapore Heritage fest, visit http://heritagefest.sg !

For other Singapore Heritage Fest events, feel free to visit the links below:

1. Singapore Heritage Festival 2011 – Rites of Passage at Parkway Parade

2. Singapore Heritage Festival 2011 Finale @ Novena Square & Velocity @ Novena

Thank you for reading!

Singapore Heritage Festival Finale @ Novena Square & Velocity at Novena

Singapore Heritage Festival

Singapore Heritage Festival

Hi Readers, I went to Singapore Heritage Festival Finale at Novena Square & Velocity at Novena on 30 July 2011. This event was organised by Singapore’s National Heritage Board for Singapore Heritage Festival 2011.

I did not expect that Novena Square was chosen as the finale of Singapore Heritage Fest but I know this place is quite near Balestier area ( yes it is very near by walking distance and has rich history as Sun Yat Sen went to Wan Qing Yuan at Balestier area) and Jalan Besar area (Yes, I am very sure as I even walked from Novena to City Square Mall by foot a few times and City Square Mall used to be part of the New World). It is more convenient for the organisers to conduct walking trails to these 2 areas.

Still can recognise those buildings/places?

Picture 1 – Should be easily to guess as the building still exist in Singapore. It is very near 1 of the MRT stations.

Picture 2 – name sounds familiar right? Heard there will be a MRT station near that place opening real soon…

Picture 3 – This building does not look familiar at all as it had been demolished. So can you guess what this building?

Picture 4 -This building was demolished too. But the name looks familiar right? Have you ever watch the movie based on this place in around Feb 2011? I watched that with my mother at National Museum then. It was 1 of the worlds in Singapore and now become part of a shopping centre but it is not City Square Mall.

Picture 5 – Sounds Familiar right? Now, It is one of the iconic landmarks in Singapore’s Orchard District. but looks different from the picture shown below.

Picture 6 – Somewhere in one of the gardens?

Picture 7 – Where is this place? Looks familiar for the dome building.

There’s also a line-up of performances & activities for people to take part in.

You can even take a photo with such background as well.

Still can play games too but in the 1960s/1970s type of games outside Velocity @ Novena. Tikam Tikam (guess the colour and make sure the colour you guess will point at the colour you have chosen), throwing hoops onto the glass bottles, use toy pistrols with corks to shoot the ping pong ball off the glass bottles and use a ball to slide through the nails obstacles to the specific holes.

Ferris wheel & small rider seat music playing machine. I really missed the days I played with that small rider machine…

Teacups & Teapot. Looks cool right?

Still had TV to watch on “What are your favourite family fun moments?” from accounts of many different people.

Singapore also have many interesting heritage trails such as Ang Mo Kio heritage trail (for the past races), Balestier Trail, Fort Canning spices trail and other interesting places.

Some examples of iconic landmarks were mentioned in the exhibition such as National Theatre, National Stadium (has been torn down and they are currently building the new Sports Hub right now), and Capitol Theatre and Van Kleef aquarium.

Some traditional games were on the exhibit as well.

As well as history of Orchard Road. Cant you see there’s quite a lot of different between Orchard Road in the 1960-70s and the Orchard Road now?

As well as Celebrations in 4 different celebrations namely Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali and Hari Raya Pausa.

There were live performances from 29 july -31 July showcasing the different cultures and heritage in Singapore. Here’s the programme line-up.

Looks exciting right? Haha. You can visit www.heritagefest.sg for more details on the happenings.

Do appreciate our rich heritage as it is unique and irreplaceable.

After viewing these exhibitions, I do not think that Singapore is a boring place but Singapore is quite a fun place to explore. Don’t you think so?

It also made me reflect to appreciate the beauty of the buildings which reflects the rich culture of Singapore’s past history. Such as areas in Joo Chiat (rich Peranakan culture), parts of River Valley area, Chinatown (chinese buildings), Little India, Kampong Glam and so on.

Just to end off with my post with Walter the rabbit. So Cute right? Haha.

Hello Walter, good to see you again. If you wish to visit walter, you can go to Singapore Arts Musuem to see it too.

Cannot wait for next year’s heritage fest event! =)

Singapore Heritage Festival – Rites of Passage At Parkway Parade

Singapore Heritage Festival 2011

Singapore Her3itage Festival Logo

Singapore Heritage Festival is held from 15 July to 31 July 2011 at different parts of Singapore to showcase Singapore Heritage.

I went to Parkway Parade to visit their exhibition on Rites of Passage as I live near there. The exhibition on Rites of Passage will be from 25 July to 31 July 2011 at Basement 1 level of Parkway Parade. There will be special performances from 2-8pm on 30 July (Sat) and 1-7pm on 31 July (Sun) at Parkway Parade as well.

Details of Singapore Heritage Fest @ Parkway Parade

At Parkway Parade, Singapore Heritage Festival uncover the customs and traditions surrounding the rites of passage in Singapore, charting the journey of the birth of a child to the many milestones that dot his growing up into adulthood. Also, SHF weekend performances promise to delight as SHF bring you an array of music and dance from more than five ethnicities.

Highlights of Rites of Passage Exhibition @ Parkway Parade

News of a woman expecting a baby is always a beautiful moment. It’s a special milestone in the lives of two married people and those around them. It’s the beginning of months of joy, and a lifetime of adventures. The birth of a child also ushers in the start of a new generation. What, then, follows the birth of a child? Find out in this exhibit as we take a look at growing up in Singapore.

Pictures of the Exhibits

Interesting, isn’t it?

I love these batik!

White dress used for water baptism for the Catholics

Q: How I feel about coming to this exhibition?

It was a very enriching experience to know more about the cultures of the taboos and habits when woman is expecting the baby till the birth of a child and the growing up process of the child. Such as ear piercing for the girls, when the child takes its 1st holy communion (for the Catholics) and many interesting information.

So do come and visit the exhibition at Parkway Parade to learn more about the Rites of Passage from now till 31 July 2011!