How Coffee Affects Your Brain – Mind a Minute

Is coffee good for your brain to keep it alert or bring harm? Enjoy this video.


Another Home Music Video (A Parody produced by SINdie)

It is produced by SINdie ( to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in a different way. Check out SINdie for behind-the-scenes photos and footages, as well as the happenings in Singapore films.

I did not know about it until my sister had showed the video to me and felt that it was quite funny. So I just want to share with everyone who is reading my blog.

Chua En Lai is the main singer for the song. You may see some familiar characters and things in the music video too. Such as the bear wearing a Singapore flag on the swimming trunks, En Lai as the army guy who relies on his maid and part of the music video filmed in Republic Polytechnic. As well as Mint Leong acted as Tin Pei Ling in the video and some other familiar faces.

Hope you enjoyed this video. =)

SMAP – Soft Bank Commercial filmed in Singapore – Marina Sands Skypark

I only heard the news that Japanese boyband, SMAP (that includes Takuya Kimura), came to Singapore but I did not know their purpose of coming. Till after watching this commercial. Quite a good one. Haha.

Do watch this video attached on the post. Especially the ending part of the commercial.