Write a review of a movie or product – Spy Kids 4

Here’s the trailer of one of the movies – Spy Kids 4: All the time in the World

Of course, this movie is different from the 1st 3 instalment of Spy Kids as Carmen Cortez and her brother Juni Cortez will not be the main protagonists of the movie but just supporting characters as the both characters has grown up.

This time round, it is their aunt, Marissa Cortez (acted by Jessica Alba) and her stepchildren, Cecil and Rebecca (a pair of twins), on their adventure to fight against with the Timekeeper to prevent him from taking over the world while at the same time the twins get to play with spy gadgets to deal with the villains.

The twins hated their stepmum at 1st and during their adventures, their relationship with their stepmum has improved. This movie this movie has some great action sequences and special effects and good for the family and everybody to watch the spy adventures.

Viewers who watched the movie gets a free aromascope card but it smelt the same.

I will give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “Write a review of a movie or product – Spy Kids 4

  1. The Spy Kids 4 is a movie with a simple message ” Don’t waste your time”. The message is delivered in a fun and entertainment way. There are jokes for kids, but not many for adults, but we prepared as we know it’s a kids movie.

    3.5 out 5

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